Rio Hospital Implosion Demolition Analysis Comparison

With recent advances in computer based structural analysis simulation and the creation of Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT) demolition experts can now accurately analyze and predict the demolition of structures by implosion, wrecking ball, pushing or pulling force, weakening, and manual deconstruction.

ELT is based on the Applied Element Method (AEM) of analysis which has the ability to automatically analyze and track structural behavior during both elastic and inelastic modes in 3D. This includes the automatic detection and generation of plastic hinges, buckling, post-buckling, cracks and separation.  The resulting motion and impact of structural elements are also automatically analyzed, simulated the final footprint for debris.

It is the implementation of AEM in ELT that makes the use of advanced engineering tools to provide demolition analysis a realistic tool for prediction in the demolition industry. Since AEM analysis is calculated automatically with no user intervention, simulations that formerly took months can now be performed accurately in a matter of days.  Demolition Analysis using ELT makes structural demolition safer, more accurate and less expensive by allowing failures to happen during analysis rather than real life.  

Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) is currently teaming up with demolition contractors, demolition consultants and structural engineers worldwide to bring advanced demolition analysis services for Demolition Prediction, Planning and Post-demolition Analysis to your corner of the world. For more information on obtaining Demolition Analysis for your next demolition project, click on the Demolition Analysis Program page to find the Exclusive Demolition Analysis Program Member in your region.

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