Success Story: Old Humana Building Implosion

The Riverview Square building, owned by Humana in Louisville, Kentucky was removed, In July 2008, to make way for a new basketball arena. The 12-story structure contained more than 20,000 tons of reinforced concrete and was demolished in 12 seconds using 550 pounds of explosives.

O’Rourke Wrecking Company, which was responsible for the demolition effort, took everything out of building, leaving the concrete shell, then drilled 800 holes into the structure and filled them with explosives. Since the structure is in the middle of an urban environment, the building had to fall within its own footprint. A lot of preparation work and precautions were required to make sure neighboring structures are not affected. As a precaution before the blasting, a company called Pro-Tec inspected nearby buildings to document what they look like before the implosion, just in case there's a problem afterwards.

A crew from the Discovery Channel shot the preparation and implosion for a show expected to air in 2009 about structural detonations. Discovery channel tasked ASI to prepare a structural model for this demolition event to verify the demolition method used by the contractor and compare it to the actual behavior of the structure after demolition. ASI used its advanced nonlinear dynamic analysis software Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) to model the demolition event.


Case Study

Loisville Old Humana Implosion Old Humana Building Implosion Case Study

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