Success Story: Santa Cruz Implosion

Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) is proud to announce the successful implosion of two buildings in the Rio di Janeiro, Brazil just miles from the Deodoro Military Club, one of the four central venues hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The buildings which had become known by many locals as the Skeleton Man are two of many structures that will be demolished paving the way for construction projects in preparation for both the 2016 Summer Olympics and the World Cup in which it will host in 2014.

The buildings which had been deemed unsafe by local government officials were imploded by Fabio Bruno Construcoes, a seasoned demolition contractor and one of ASI's Exclusive Demolition Analysis Partner in Brazil. ASI performed pre-demolition analysis of the structural demolition plan using its Extreme Loading® Technology which can quickly and accurately simulate and predict the performance of structures under extreme loads. ASI simulated several demolition scenarios for Fabio Bruno Construcoes providing recommendations and modifications to the demolition scenario, increasing both the effectiveness and safety of the demolition.


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Santa Cruz Implosion Santa Cruz Implosion Case Study
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