Success Story: St. Francis Hospital Implosion

In an impressive 10-second implosion, Saint Francis Central Hospital was erased from the Pittsburgh skyline on March 22, 2008. ASI was part of this story with its expertise and its advanced technology. However, there was a different story before this successful story.

There was a previous failed attempt to demolish the building using controlled collapse. In February, demolition workers tried to pull down the gutted 10-story hospital in February after cutting several support beams, but their cables snapped. After several attempts and many hours, the management of Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc. decided to call it quits and try something else.

At this stage, the services of ASI were requested. ASI performed two tasks: a vulnerability assessment of the existing structure and a demolition analysis based on the new demolition plan.


Case Study

St. Francis Hospital Implosion St. Francis Hospital Implosion Case Study

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