Demolition Analysis: Extreme Loading Technology

Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT) is a structural analysis tool set designed around the Applied Element Method (AEM) of analysis which is capable of performing linear and non-linear analysis that follows the behavior of structures through separation, collision, and collapse while automatically calculating:

  • Plastic Hinge Formation
  • Buckling and Post-buckling
  • Crack Generation
  • Separation of Elements
  • Collision and Collapse

Extreme Loading® Technology includes the following components:

  • Import Connectivity Tools: Several plug-ins and meshing tools allow existing models from CAD, BIM and FEM analysis programs to be quickly imported with reinforcement details and the 3D solid mesh necessary for AEM analysis.
  • Modeling Environment: In the modeling environment 3D models that were imported can be modified or entire 3D models can be created, weakening can be added and demolition scenarios can be applied.
  • AEM Solver:  ASI's in house 64-bit AEM solver automatically calculates all plastic hinge formation, buckling, crack generation, separation, collision and the resting footprint of the structures with up to 100,000 elements.
  • Viewing Environment:  The viewing environment allows users to view the simulation output, including stress/strain contours, and velocity trails. Simple videos from fixed cameras can also be exported for presentations.
  • Export Connectivity Tools:  Plugins with Autodesk® 3ds Max and Autodesk® Maya allow ASI to use simulations from the AEM Solver to create dynamic camera movements as well as realistically texture and light the structure for promotional materials. With various export options static models of the structure can be exported very simply to communicate the demolition plan or entire ELT simulation can be exported showing the demolition with all of its moving debris. 
Applied Science International